Whimsical Garden Sculpture in one day!

This is a fun, easy going workshop where you will magically transform a piece of your old cotton t-shirt, old jewelry, or any other special item you can think of, into a unique piece of art. We will start with building a simple form with wire frame and tinfoil, then dip our fabric in Paverpol, wrap it around the form, add a little magic...and VOILA!... you've created  a whimsical muse of your own!

Paverpol is a textile hardener that turns natural materials into rock hard objects. It is AP certified as a non-toxic water based environmentally friendly product. All fabric has to be 100% natural fiber: cotton, linen, silk, etc. We'll also use other products, such as Jewelry and special items that you want to incorporate into your creation.

No experience is necessary! Instant Gratification Guaranteed :)

All Materials and tools are included in your fee (except for your special items)

Space is limited
please email or call me for registration
janerom@shaw.ca or 403 560 0894
you can e transfer your fee to secure your spot 

Many people around the world followed the same simple instruction to create their own unique piece of art; a simple wire frame, an old t-shirt, some aluminum foil and Paverpol.
Paverpol is a textile hardener that turns natural materials (e.g. a cotton t-shirt) in rock hard objects. It is AP certified as a non toxic waterbased, enviromentally friendly product.


No experience is nessesary!

Cost $100.00 - Materials $25.00


Bring with you following:
· a roll of aluminum foil
· old white T-shirt 100%cotton with minimum or none colour design on it
· apron or painting shirt to protect your clothes (poverpol will stick to it and ruin it for good)
· lunch

The rest of tools and materials will be available in the class.

Fo more information on Paverpol please visit: http://www.paverpol.ca/